Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The sun shone today and I soaked up every moment of it. I turned my face towards the ball of heat and took a big breath. I rolled that sunshine up in my hand, placed it in my pocket near my heart, and will save it for a a bleak and snowy day.

The leaves crunched, the kiddo squealed, and I was happy.

A wise lady, who lives a hop, skip and a jump (in prairie distance) away from me talked about what Fall is in Alberta. Drop by her blog home and say howdy! Tell her I sent you...she gives you a good description of what Fall is like in our part of the world.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Request

Dear Laziness,

You are overwhelming me these days! I know it's cold outside, I know they are calling for snow, but why do you think you should curl up in my home? It seems you have sat in my comfy green chair, with a little hot chocolate and have settled in.

I have projects to finish, a house to clean, and someone needs to teach this kiddo to keep her tongue in her mouth. The poor kid wanders around with her nappy  hanging out begging for a pair of suspenders or something, but gosh, Laziness, here you are trailing behind me, slowing my every step down.

I'm not sure what to do with you, but I'm getting awfully close to making pals with you. I'm thinking it maybe is time to head into hibernation mode. Maybe I could give you a nickname and share a bit of foreign chocolate with you.

Maybe I could call you Relax or Rest and then I'd feel more chummy. Do you think you could come back when everything is canned and all the Fall cleaning is done? There is a neighbour momma around here who seems to be able to do everything, could you go visit her?



PS-Do you know how hard it is to type with mittens on? Could you go visit someone in the south and haul some sunshine back up here? I know this is where you insert the eye roll. Thanks a lot, Laziness, I'm just going to call you Lazy from now on, 'cause that's what you deserve!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Road Trip!

Image found here
I've got one for your bucket list: Going To the Sun Highway in Montana.

What can I say? It is the most breathtaking road you will ever take. It is like something out of a National Geographic magazine, without a yellow border around the photos. Law, my eyeballs were almost bugging out of my head, and it wasn't because I was shocked at the fact you pay $15 for a lil bag of coffee at the beginning of the park. No sir, it's because the view of God's finest is comparable to your first dog- a rare beauty.

You do need to be prepared for wall to wall traffic, some construction, and a screaming baby. Oh wait, you don't have a screaming baby?  My hard and fast rule was to never give my kiddo food in her carseat, but gosh, I would've given her the $15 coffee and a Big Mac if I needed too!

This road is only seasonally open, and I don't know if the Chilkoot packers would want to be caught up there in the winter. It cost $25 for entrance to Glacier National Park, but that's for the week, and if you are into fishing, you can fish your heart out in the park. Not bad, considering we pay something like that a day up here in Banff.

If you are anywhere near Montana, or heck, if you aren't anywhere near Montana, set your GPS for this road of wonders and experience it in your lifetime. You need to!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


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