Saturday, October 2, 2010

Promised Land

A tiny answered prayer, snuggled in purple pajamas with feet, is fast asleep in her cozy nest for the night. Echoes of an Irish Lullaby danced in the shadows of our home as I took steps around the creaks in the floor of the only room she's known.

Sitting down after The Little Poky Puppy and The Little Red Hen have been put to bed, my body starts to relax, my heart is full, and all is still.

I close my eyes and can feel the dust of harvest on my skin and can see the fields of gold that surrounded us tonight. I wonder if it's what Heaven will look like.

Does Jesus let the sunshine down on the honeyed fields to give us a little hope for Tomorrow?

Tonight, little chubby cheeks full of applesauce sitting on her Daddy's lap for supper in the outdoors, gave me hope. Hope that whispered prayers don't fall on deaf ears.

In the hush of that big ol' prairie sky, I'll crawl into my own nest, waiting for my husband to come in from the field, I'll say a prayer and drift off. I'm choosing to remember Hope. Those moments, even when they are day after day, and you feel like the skin on your hand is peeled right off from hanging onto that last knot on your rope, remember Hope. Hang onto that golden rope instead and remember there will be another day,take a breath in the knowledge of that fact.

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