Monday, March 3, 2014

Miscellany Monday

1.With it's mouth wide open and in a full roar, March appeared. Bonjour, my sweet kitten, I know you are supposed to leave like a lamb, but there are 31 days till that happens. 

Temperatures dropped and pipes froze. Nearly minus fifty, or fifty million (at this point there is no difference) stung our faces and froze the goobers in our nose. While there is promise of warmer temperatures making a grand appearance this weekend, cold has settled deep in my bones and a balaclava is feeling rather fashionable as of late.  Those of you south of the border, please package up your thoughts of seed orders and that thing they call the sunshine and send it in the mail - I'll put it under my pillow as a token of hope. 

2.I am certain that in this weather, if all else fails, bake something with yeast. If you have little children, break off a hunk of that dough and let them make their own mini bun. This will forever in my mind be the best kind of fun for a kid. Just make no mistake in who is the owner of that small bun when it comes out of the oven, the last thing you want to do is eat something mucked around with for a half hour by a two year old. 

3.I am smitten with this woman's blog. She is a harvester of beauty and I feel like she captured pieces of my heart in her photos.   Always remember the wonder in your own backyard. Drop by, toss a proverbial penny in her basket and say oui, allo. 

4.I may or may not have ruffled feathers with this post. Ahem. 

Things got a little crazy, but be sure it takes a lot to startle me these days - I live with a pack of badgers and herd cats on an hourly basis. 

I am grateful for each and every single e-mail that has come my way.Thank you for reading, fine neighbours and strangers alike. I am always surprised (and at moments mildly embarrassed) by the people who stumble in to read these words that have been punched out while babies are asleep. I appreciate those that read and those that take the time to tell me who they are and where they come from. It makes this whole gig on earth enjoyable and interesting - understanding one another.

We won't always agree, but as one bright friend said, "some people just want to argue, but then there are those that will have heard your side of the story."

4.Sweet mamas in my boat, when your babes are up at five in the ay-em, write this on your forehead, next week is DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! Can I get a hip hop hooray?! Your children should theoretically sleep in later. Take this as your public service announcement to start keeping your children up an extra ten minutes each night and stretch those mini bosses night's out. We can do it. 

If we can't, you know where I live and I have extra dark roast coffee that I pretty much bathe in nowadays. 

I am sorry if you live in Saskatchewan or on a Hutterite colony. While I cling to the hope that my kids might sleep a tiny bit later this spring, I will be packing up and heading east in the fall. Maple Creek has always called my name. 

5.When I ask my four year old, "what should I tell people about Alberta?" She replied, "It's really nice. There are lots of nice animals, some bushes, crab-apple trees in the summer and they would like it here. If they wanted to be friends, we could." 

And there you have it, my fine feathered friends, miscellany Monday is complete and I am cleaning up lego and wiping down light switches with Kirkland wipes. I hope you sleep peacefully tonight.
JC, we had double sun dogs tonight.  I trucked out in the cold, with my glasses fogging up,  to take a picture for you. :)

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