Friday, July 9, 2010

A Motley Group of Thoughts

Since I tend to keep it a little random here on the prairies, I'll give you a bit of an update of the craziness nothingness that has been going no particular order!

1) The gypsies called today, they are safe on a working farm near Rocky Mountain House and lost their precious cat en route. For all you nay sayers and non believers of the circus story of my life, they will be on CTV news at 6:00 tonight. Yes, we dined with near celebrities. Since we don't have TV, I will definitely be skulking out a house to watch the news. Watch out, I could be coming to your house, with a smelly baby in tow.

2) Yes, a smelly baby. Have you ever heard the quote by Roy Rogers, "Never kick a cow chip on a hot day?" You can quote me, never leave a fast baby, with curious hands anywhere near where cattle are run on a hot day. You'll be in for a treat! You might just come home and give the babe a scrub in the sink long before bedtime. Remember G, (and I don't mean G as in G-dawg, G-unit, just G) she let's her lil' girl wander around in the winter carrying horse, ahem, droppings. They are frozen, what's the harm? They don't go in her mouth (yes, things are a little different on those big ranches out east) but she assures me this same rule does not apply in the summer. Lesson learned.

3)I said goodbye to a dear friend today who will be moving to a land of swimming pools and fruit trees. I'm pretty sure I've never heard of such wonders. We live in a land where there are heat alerts (in Toronto) when the weather soars to 27 degrees Celsius and we have shelters at the ends of our lanes for the children to wait for the bus in. I am going to miss her piles and am expecting her to package up some sunshine and send it my way. I will be sure to package her some snow and wind to remind her of the prairies.

4)My cupboards are cleaned out! Hooray! I love taking  things out of their original packaging and putting them in something 'cute.'  Things like old jars for my muffin liners, a cute red enamelware bowl for my coffee filters, and a sweet, red and white vintage inspired snack bin. It feels good to have them cleaned, it won't stay that way long, if you want to come look at my cupboards, come today. Possibly you have until tomorrow-by the day after that they will be a disaster.

5)The greatest outdoor show on earth is on now in the big city. People come from all over the world to see the Calgary Stampede. We grew up going to a lot of rodeos. Innisfail, Olds, Three Hills, Airdrie...all these lil' towns I've visited and some I have possibly 'muttin' busted' at as a child. The big, old Calgary Stampede I've been to twice. Once when my husband and I were dating (the first time I had been there) the second time was last year. Someday I will write a post on my Grandpa and  his friend Ralph Loosmore in good ol' cow town...the stories are legendary and you may have a little trouble believing them. If you knew my Grandpa-you would not, he was legendary.

6)I am roping my Dad into making some things for Little Prairie Baby. You heard it here first ladies and gentlemen, the Prairie Pirate himself will be handcrafting some stuff in the loft of the barn for your precious babe. If you would like to encourage him in his endeavor, feel free to contact me, I can give you his full contact information and the land location where my folks live. He loves visitors and phone calls after 9:00 at night.
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