Friday, July 29, 2011

Country Roads Lead Me Home

Walking down this country road, seven sunsets ago I stared up at the vault of Heaven.  My heart streamed out feelings I can't put into words to God, staring at His handiwork in the sky. I didn't even know how to pray, my heart was so heavy thinking of an Auntie whose heart is beating softer, coming to a place where she will soon meet Jesus face to face.

I also knew that within hours I would be bringing another life into this world. A wee little girl who would feel the wind on her cheeks and the sun on her skin for the first time.

I was overwhelmed with the fact how I'm not in control. What was to happen in the next few days, weeks, months-my whole life-it's out of my hands. I can look up at that big lid of blue and remember that someone who loves me is in charge of it all. That our lives here are temporary and my children aren't my own.  I can rest in that, take comfort in that, and know that the little soul that has come into this world will rest in the palm of His hand and that His voice is already speaking to her spirit. I can pray that my Aunt will feel the comfort of her God rocking her to sleep tonight and that she too will rest in the same hand. A hand of eternal love.

He is the one in control when we come into this world and when we take our last breath on Earth. I am grateful for a personal faith. A faith that I'm always reminded of when I walk down that dusty path, that will lead me home.

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