Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What's on Your Wall?

For some time I've been looking for some coziness to hang on the walls. Children's fingerprints and cobwebs in the corner haven't been cutting it.

Gumbo Lily had suggested some Jon Crane, rural Albertan's can't seem to soak up enough Bernie Brown and I'm sporting a fine painting by a two year old. They say it's all about interpretation.

I'd love to quilt a scenic lil' homestead and put it in a barn board frame like I've spied down in Auntie Sue's basement. Doesn't that just sound snug as a bug, cozy? Also sitting high on my wish list would be a big ol, ancient of days, window frame to hang on the wall; maybe I'd punch some tin with our brand on it and frame it in that chipped up paint goodness.

Alas, I keep thinking about all these things that would be swell and don't get any of it done. I'm grateful though, for the windows in our house, because who needs Robert Riggs on the wall when you can look out and spy this.

Yes, and amen. At the close of the day, how about this for a good night kiss?
Can you see the Rockies in the distance? My kiddo loves to 'see the mountains.'
Now, shoo, go check  out Gumbo Lily's blog-I love her. I think of her as a neighbour because she lives in the north like I---although, we refer to her 'north' as the 'south'...does that make sense?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cake in a Cup

All the ladies in this house have been feeling a bit punky for awhile now.  I'll spare you the details of all the nastiness of sick kids and cut to the chase.

Today was the celebratory day of my husband's birth. Up in this hood, birthday's are relaxed affairs. No over the top parties with ninety thousand children running a muck. Usually there is a cake and special meal, but that's where the train stops, right up in Boringville.

My poor husband didn't even get a lavish meal, really he'd be lucky to get some Kraft Dinner this year. Everyone I talked with today kept asking if we were doing something special and I repeatedly had to say no. I finally decided I wanted to whip something tasty together for dessert, but wanted it to be made in double time 'cause I'm slowly losing my ever loving mind with the sniffles a carryin' on in this pad.

Behold the cake in the cup. It did literally take less than two minutes to make (cooking time and all.) Although I sort of felt shame & skepticism putting a cake in the microwave-it's what happened. I blame it on the fever, y'all.

Top it off with a pile of ice cream and you better believe it will make a happy birthday.

Recipe originally found here.

1 egg
1tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp flour
1 tbsp cocoa
2 tbsp peanut butter
1/4 tsp baking powder
handful of chocolate chips
(I added oil, my first cup was fairly dry.)

Mix up with a wild kiddo by yer side and pour into a greased mug. Nuke for a minute and watch out, your mind will be blown at the easy, peasy, lemon squeeziness of this cake.
She ain't perty, but she does the trick. I double dog dare you to try this out quick before bed. For more great recipes go here.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


When I got married I received a few books on "handy household hints." I kid you not. What did people think I was? Some tom boy who wouldn't have the first clue about keeping house?

*insert crickets chirping*


I fancy looking through these books, nonetheless.I have one that is from the 1950's and I love reading about having company and throwing a proper party back in the day. Gelatin salads and color schemed crepe paper decorations? Why, yes pu-lease! Sometimes I think it would so nice to send a note in the mail and have 'weekend' company booked weeks in advance. Alas, reality for us is phoning the neighbours last minute and seeing if they want to whip over and share some slop. We'll toss the toys off the supper (no such thing as dinner around here) table and pitch another potato in the pot. Our company best are children with semi-clean faces and a momma who has her best ponytail holder in.

Didn't you know that a ponytail is the new shower for a mom?

Even when my house has been harassed by two untamed tigers, I love to have a sink that is clean and counters that are wiped down. Oh, there can be chaos from here to Timbuktu, but a shiny sink tricks me into feeling like my house is orderly. Isn't child rearing and housekeeping about trickery and deceit anyway?

All kidding aside, one of my favorite cleaning tips came from my auntie, which was passed down from her momma. A sprinkle of laundry detergent in the sink before you wash your dishes wipes out the crud, sparkles things up and keeps your dishrag smelling pretty as a spring rain. Just dump a teensy bit in, scrub it out good with your holy dishrag and rinse the sink out well before you do your dishes. Voila! You can send your thanks to Auntie Linda. The woman deserves a medal.

Laundry detergent in an old pail, with a china teacup makes it all the prettier to look at. Now if it would only magically do the laundry and clean the sink out itself.

Friday, January 6, 2012


I love this photo. The sun is shining so bright that she can't open up her eyes.
You southerners thought lawn chairs were for basking in the sun?

I think that's what trying new things out should look like, squinting into the excitement of what's going on around you. Whatever new venture you set out on 2012, be enthusiastic as a two year old skating on a wide open dam for the first time. I  hope you step out into the excitement of something unfamiliar and scrunch up your baby blues looking into the sun.

I know as the fiery ball sets, tomorrow will be much of the same as today. As months flip on the calendar little hands will get bigger and I realize these routine days are growing wee girls. Even though my unchanging days of regular housework continue, I want each day to be a remarkable one. I try to slow down my moments by loving each and every one I'm in. Being ever grateful for the hand prints on the windows and crumbs under the high chair are what changes my day from being mundane to one where I have to squeeze my eyes together when I look into the future.

Although, might not every moment of my day be post worthy, I know that it's heart worthy and things I want to store in the recesses of my being. Memories I want to be etched into the core of who my children are.

So, here is to 2012; if you're not travelling the world to try new things, let each minute in your home be one that has the awe of newness.
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