Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Really Coming? When?

March came in with a mighty roar and left like a hormonal lioness, leaving her six inch paw prints in the snowdrifts. She twitched her tail and had a little sauce in her step.

I stuck my tongue out at her as she departed.

Like I mentioned, we hunkered down and battled our way through the winter. It's all warm and cozy until Christmas is over and January greets our unsheltered prairies with a cold hand shake and a snarl on her wind whipped face. March came along and we all breathed a little, hoping to see some sunshine.

It was a trick ya'll.

March madness, St. Patty's Day, the first day of Spring-nothing could really lift our spirits. We were left desolate and bleak, much like our landscape. I think it snowed everyday since the first day of Spring, without a break for a splash of sunshine.

My Canadian spirit of happily embracing the cold and getting excited over curling and hockey was rapidly diminishing. We bring entertainment indoors in Winter, but I was ready to boot this party outside.

Oh yes, it's a gala inside the house in the winter. Us Albertans, we install swings inside the house!

Who needs Disneyland? Take me to Oma Helga's!

We sit by the window and watch the tractors. You question why we don't have TV? You thought it was because we lived in the boondocks?
Tractor? Cows? Tractor? Moo?
We bring the run bike inside, folks. It's Kid's Day in Russia!
My poor kid isn't allowed to have a tricyle. She has a run bike, no pedals, ladies. Helps with balance (again, insert eye roll here.) Good thing she just learned to walk.

We sew and make so much stuff that the mounties are looking in the basement to see if we have a small sweat shop.

If you need some western baby stuff, send me a message!

We eat, we read, we get plumper-and we wait.
I LOVED this last book. Go read it. I might have to do a post dedicated to this book.
Some of us try to run away, even the hound, but when you're born on the prairies, you just really can't get away. They become a part of you.
Photos one, two and this last one were taken by good ol Jenny Keet. Picture taking extraordinaire and a girl with really nice feet. 
The minute you think you're going to crack and think you see snow falling INSIDE the house (which it will drift inside the door in the entrance) you suspect you heard the weatherman muttered something about plus temperatures. Hoping the man hasn't lost his marbles through Winter and hasn't been drinking, you get your hopes up.

That's what Spring is all about anyway, isn't it? Being reminded of hope and remaining hopeful.

I hope Mother Nature remembers to be hopeful and whistles a little zip a dee doo da here in Alberta. I'm sure she'll do just fine as long as she's not hormonal like that young lioness...unless of course she's menopausal and is trying to battler her hot flashes with these cool temperatures. Sheesh!


Julie Harward said...

So thats whats wrong with mother nature! LOL Looks like you stay busy and the swing looks fun! Cute golden too ;D

basebell6 said...

cute pictures! sounds like spring won't arrive at your place until june :(

Alicia said...

Aww she looks so grown up, & having a blast on the swing and cow watching!
Narnia reminds me of March in Alberta, we just need to find where the ice queen really lives ;)

Rach said...

Hi, Chey! Guess what?! It's even snowing in KANSAS this morning!! While here the wind is howling... (a sure sign that it's spring) So, we're stuck inside so we don't blow away! I love the pics of your little girl :) the one in the swing is so you!! Keep your chin up- spring always comes eventually! :)

Jaimi_C said...

Glad to have you back! It seems mother nature is playings games with you as well. She's been quite cruel to us. We had a week or so of lovely 50's and sunshine and now we've got 6+ inches of snow again and a chance for snow everyday! Boo to her!

My little one has a bike like your little gal except ours is called a strider and we also had to break down and let her ride it in the house for some entertainment. Us silly northern mamas!

Well I hope you see a break in the weather up there soon!

Take Care,

NaomiG said...

Hang in there!! Spring ALWAYS comes. So let it be written, so let it be done. :-) Love your pics... and that western baby stuff is DARLING! I will keep you in mind if I ever need anything like that!

Cowboy mom said...

I needed that. We don't get much snow here but, We sure get a lot of cold. Man alive!!! I think March is Mad at everyone. We've had one storm after another luckily our snow falls horizontally because of the wind so after the storm has played out there's none on the ground. It's eerie!!
I think she's menopausal That's the perfect solution.

Have a Great Springy day!!

fernvalley01 said...

That about describes it here, except the swing and the bike!

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Beautiful blog post! We have had a few teasing days of sunshine and very warm temperatures, only for the weather to laugh at us and return to freezing cold or dump a lot more snow on us a few days later. Since the first official day of Spring it has been nothing but chilly weather. I can't wait for REAL Spring!!!

LindaG said...

Sometimes I wish I never knew about TV.
And they say internet is addictive. I say TV addicted us decades ago.

I hope spring finds you all soon! :)

Shirley said...

Your daughter is adorable.March is going out like a lamb here.

A Prairie Girl in California said...

you make me laugh out loud sistah!!!
I loved this post! Perfectly describes an Albertan winter!!!

yee-haw for the swing in the house;) now your talkin!!!

Libbie said...

Hey Cheyenne! LOVE the indoor swinging pic! Now that is one good idea! We do scooters & suff in here & it drives my mom NUTS! But that is part of the fun of it right? :) I LOVE seeing them zoom around moving & playing!

I know how long the winters are here I just can't imagine your winters there! I heard the numbers mid 50s for the week & I can't even tell you how happy that made me!!!

& all those goodies you have been creating!!!! So adorable! You are one skilled girl! What a way to pass those long dark days & nights! Super cute!

I gotta run but it always makes me smile when I see your post change on my sidebar!!!!!!!

Libbie said...

P.S. Glad to have a good book recommendation too! Thanks!

Anna said...

Oh girl, you are such a good writer!! I loved this post. I love how you bring things indoors, your daughter is precious! I hope it warms up stat for you!!

Sue said...

Chey, I love how you say it!! I,too, am ready for the sun!!! And by the way...the casserole was delish... thanks a million! Sue

Crystal said...

haha you make me laugh!!
I too am hoping Mother Nature send spring our way pretty quick!

Grandma K said...

pictures, words...... an apt description of what it is all about!

Hey, and the swings in the house? Two sets of our grandkids have them in their basements as did their fathers! Remember where those men were raised! Lots of hours inside looking out......

So glad you are back! You crack me up!

Suzie Salmon said...

I have been watching the weather and it looks like as of today spring might happen out there! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you because if anyone deserves it, it's you Alberta people! the swing inside!

the cinnamon post said...

Such a beautiful her little yellow flower. You've filled me with grateful feelings for spring whenever it finally comes. I only wish I needed your adorable western baby stuff...another sure sign that spring is around the corner is baby fever.

LadySmith@CashmereandCarrotSticks said...

I heard the Help was really good - did you like it? I just finished "one day" by dave nicholls. really liked!

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