Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother Nature Shouts Yeehaw!

I had the wise idea to allow the wild lions to play on drums and I use the term drums loosely. It's a chorus of pure, ear aching noise crashing off the ceiling in the living room. I thought pots and wooden spoons were standard baby toys? The two year old is turning it into a game of, "look for the shooting muffs so our ears don't explode!"

I'm breaking my rule of being on the computer while the kidlets are awake, but I realize as the noise is increasing, I'm pulling the chubby legged babes out of the plant and my sort of clean house is losing the 'sort of' quickly-this might be a bad idea.

There's a new chunk of technology in this house and it seriously inhibited my blogging abilities. I have no clue how to run this here computer, but finally decided I needed to suck it up and figure it out. I had lofty ambitions to linking up with Wrangler & Ribbons and answering some of her questions about what's happening around these parts, but my self diagnosed, adult onset CRAZINESS has been taking over.

This lady's first point to expand on: "I know it's spring because..."

With a hefty dose of belly laugh I would like to point out to you that I made a comment in a previous post that it's springtime in Alberta, and who really knows what that means? Mother Nature belongs in the nuthouse and all of us Albertans should follow along for residing in this land. Now, don't get me wrong, my roots dig deep & I'm as proud as can be to be from this mixed up place. Seriously, we can burn in the sun one day, blow away in the wind the next, and have snow pour down as the moon fades away. We are in the wild west and I do feel pretty wild about it. Wild in a nutty way.

I try not to make promises of playing outside or going to see the calves, because the next minute we will be holed up and hunkered down because of the blessed weather.

I do know the gophers are out, crocuses are blooming to bring a bit of hope, and the meadowlark is singing in all her glory. Calves are on the ground,  my two year old is digging in the dirt outside and grown men are seeding. The Mucks have been whipped out, walls are being washed, and laundry can now blow off the line in the wind. Signs of new life are exploding all over the place, just sometimes we have to dig them out of the snow. 

We all hold our heads a little higher, laugh a little harder, and are pleased to see our neighbors didn't freeze through winter. Life just feels good.

Here's to Spring, whatever that may mean, and here's to figuring out how to run the blasted computer.


LindaG said...

The weather is still crazy, isn't it?
Everything looks great out there. Have a wonderful weekend! :o)

Karen said...

LOL... you are a gifted writer, truly. Love the calf, so beautiful!.. and the babe ofcourse. Happy SPRING to you!....

Deb said...

I wish you all the best with your computer. I think spring has sprung around here but I've been fooled before!

Elizabeth Martin said...

Love Love Love this post! The flowers are beautiful! Enjoy, dare I say it...Spring in the Wild Wild West! :)

Crystal said...

I love how you put it! So accurate, I sometimes wish we just had a warmer progression into summer, but then that would be so boring, lol.

Nell said...

I love hearing about spring in your part of the world because it is sooo much like spring around here. Most people associate Arizona with our hot desert, but we live high up in the mountains very close to a ski resort, and we get snow chances until June! And the wind blows enough to drive people to do irrational things around here in springtime. One day it's hot, the next day I have a fire in the woodstove. The weather can't make up it's mind.

You have a beautiful blog!

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Now see, I live in Colorado, where we had a high of 89 one day and snow the next! Yes, that is what Springtime in Colorado is! So It sounds a little like that is what your Spring is like too!

Bloggy Sissy said...

Tay looks like your clone here, a true mini-me! So cute. And I agree... With all of it. :)

Cartoon Characters said...

LOVE your photos!!! Amazing!

I can't believe how wild the weather is there. My sis lives in Edmonton now, and I couldn't believe the photo of the snow in her yard the other week....and now just yesterday, she posted a photo of all her grass green yard!

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

The weather is pretty crazy down here, too. One day it is in the eighties and the next we are bracing for a frost. But hooray for those days that are beautiful!

Love your writing and pics as always! :)

Cowboy mom said...

Spring definitely brings a sigh of relief and a stirring of hope. I was born in the spring and I'm thinkin, I chose to be. I love new life and light. Yes, "Life just feels good"

Rachel said...

I LOVE reading your blog post, friend! You make me laugh!

Glad to know it's trying to be warmer in your part of the world! And, Love the picture of your sweet babe!!

Hope the house is still standing!

Gumbo Lily said...

Ahh spring! Time to thaw out! I'm snickering all through this post. Even though I am your neighbor to the south, it's not that much warmer or that much different here. Relating. Enjoy these daze....they seem to go by so quickly.


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