Monday, July 16, 2012

Shall we meet?

The tricky thing is with blogging, I thought I truly could just chatter away about my house, my kids, and keep most of my life hidden. I still think it's always up to you how much you share, with your neighbour, your friend, your mate, but I do know every time you do open up a bit, you have the opportunity to speak into someone else's life. Let people know they are not alone in what they are going through, and you are opening up the opportunity to have other's speak into your life. It can feel scary, that vulnerability, but it's where things can happen. Any time you share, you are susceptible to criticism, words that can be sharp, but we need to remember we need to open to heal, as well.
Yes, my mug is pleased to meet your eyes. Ignore the messy pony tail and the teeth grit, love my daughter, face, it's the first photo I grabbed from our recent holidays-or for you Americans-vacation. 

We recently took a roadtrip through the mountains deep into the warmth of British Columbia. My little girl, who has only known open skies and wide, emptied spaces, was quite distressed most of the trip. "How are we going to get out of the mountains? I can't see out! I don't like these mountains! Daddy, how are we going to get out of here?" The two year old mind doesn't grasp that her Daddy will drive her out, that it will only be a few days while we are visiting here. What is a few days to a two year old? I imagine that's what my pleas, quietly prayed during the dark, tears stream down my face putting my baby to sleep, are like. "Daddy, when will be out of here?" Really, there are no shortcuts in grief. We just need to remember there is so much to live for. We need to peer deep into those green eyes when they are tugging off of your shirt, "Mama, you not talkin'?" Remember there is so much to live for. When the towel is shoved in my face in the bathroom to hide my cries from the patters of feet outside, remember---there is so much to live for. Those babies are full of life. Amen?
Almost one!
Allow me to open my curtains a little further. It helps us to understand one another a little better by learning more about each other. Thank you for walking with me in this ol journey. 

1-When I was a little girl and allowed to pick out a treat at the grocery store, I always chose beef jerky. 

2-My children have filled my heart more than I could have ever fathomed. 
Wilder than ever, she's been roping her rocking horse, dragging it across the living room, dropping it onto it's side and branding it with my mix master attachment. What would happen if I had a boy?

3-I am in the evening years of my twenties. 

4-I drive a truck with car seats tucked into the back. When my big girl was starting to talk full sentences and a friend pulled up in his car, she asked, "What is that Mama? What is that baby truck? Aww, it's so cute! It's for babies!"

5-I could play catch for hours and wish I was on a baseball team at this crazy stage in life. 

6-I'm reading another Pearl Buck book; love her books.

7-I've started four different points and erased them. It's not that easy to open up. 

8-I don't want it to, but it drives me nuts when people say anyways, Safeways, or that they are driving on icies roads. Whaaaaa?

9-I've never ridden on a public bus in the city, just our big, old yellow school buses as a child. 

10-I get my haircut in a neighbour's basement, there may or may not be guns hanging on the wall down there. It only struck me the last time I was there how awesomely redneck the entire situation was. I love it.

11-I just got a phone I can text off of. Does bag phone mean anything to you? How many girl's from our high school packed those around driving those country roads. Jenny Keet, hmmm?

12-Our community is familiar to grief, hardships, and tragedy. It rejoices together, and mourns together. I do believe it's a unique place and often when other's from away peek in, they comment on the place we live. 

13-I think nothing looks finer than a brand new white pair of ankle length sports socks. The whiter, the sweeter.

14-I was born in a small hospital, where the Dr. didn't even make it for my arrival. I was the New Years baby, but born in the middle of the January.

15-I am wildly nervous meeting new people and would rather just stay home. 

Drop fifteen points about yourself on your blog and let me know you did, I would love to pop by and peruse. Introduce yourself if you haven't before, you don't even need a google account, just leave an anonymous comment and sign your name. 

Thanks for having coffee with me this morning, it feels good to do life with friends. 


Deb said...

Nice to meet ya! I hate it when people say 'anyways' too. If we had a Safeway here I would be the same.

basebell6 said...

i'm so sad from reading about you crying into the towel to hide it from the patters of feet that i cannot really tell you how happy i was to read so much about you. you have definitely been somewhat of a mystery but super-kind-hearted woman to me. ;)

Airplane said...

First and foremost - you are beautiful!! And it pleases me to no end to finally have a face to put to your sweet, sweet emails!

Second, give me a couple of minutes (nay, hours) and I'll post fifteen points about myself over at my blog.

Third, thank you for sharing!

Carol J. Frazier said...

Those girls are so precious!!
#10 is right up my alley! I'm embracing the new redneck ways my life has opened to me! You are a doll!

Jennifer said...

Girl, I absolutely loved this post! And getting a peek at your lovely face! And of your girls'! :)
I'm always happy to see a new post from you, and I wish there weren't so many miles between us.. I think we would be great friends!
I'm sorry for the grief you have been going through.. *hugs* and prayers for peace.

I totally know what a bag phone is! My daddy had one up until a few years ago when everything went digital. He was so offended when he had to go change phones and the ladies at the store laughed at him for having one! I tell you what though, it worked ten times better than the junky little thing he has now!
I have been looking for new reading material, I'll have to check Amazon out for Pearl Buck. (my dad's name is Buck) ;)
I think I will try to do this on my blog sometime this week.
Wishing we could do coffee in real life. :)

Alicia said...

Love you friend! This is refreshing. I like lists so much and openess and honesty. #10 is a favorite :)
Look at their eyes (really almost a year?) beautiful!

LindaG said...

*hugs* Cheyenne. ♥

Steph said...

I'm one of those "anyways" people, lol. We don't have Safeways and I've never heard anyone says icies road. Probably because we hardly ever have them, haha.

Elizabeth Martin said...

I hope things are getting better for you. It always amazes me what little kids say!

This is an interesting post - I will have to see if I can come up with 15 things. And I agree with the above comment - you and your girls are beautiful!!!

Grandma K said...

sweet. So glad you are back on the blog.

Never thought that someone might think it strange that we get our hair cut in that special lady's basement!

Karen said...

Cheyenne, you are a beautiful girl... on the outside, and especially the inside. I hope you know that.

I think this of you... my point no. 1

Cartoon Characters said...

You are gorgeous!! No wonder your 2 girls are so darn cute! And by the way, love all your photos!

I have never heard "Safeways" but my sis in law drives me crazy with "Costcos"! Hang on, do I say Anyways???

Your poor little girl! We used to own a resort in the South Okanagan and we had quite a large Alberta clientele. They usually expressed that the mountains had them feeling claustrophobic...

Sorry, I won't be doing 15 points. It's such a small world in the medical field and I just can't risk it! But I did enjoy yours!

fernvalley01 said...

Loved getting to know you better! And you are a doll, I still remember meeting you and your hubby , when baby was still a bump!And I so hope to have a chance to meet you again

Crystal said...

How fun to list a few things about yourself, so many are samers for me. Specialy Safeways, grrr.

Down On The Farm said...

Loved learning more about you my blogging friend. While I don't get my hair cut in basement . . . there may or may not be guns in my house . . . and maybe a deer head or two LOL! Thanks for sharing!Your babies are beautiful!

Gumbo Lily said...

You are beautiful! In every way. I love your list and I'm glad to know you a little more personally.


P.S. My hubby, who was raised on the prairie, still hates driving in mountains and forests. He can't see out.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful holiday pictures! Great 15 points! We will do for real coffee SOON!

linjoprice said...

....adding to YOUR list...

#16. You are and your babes are true to life, real living miracles!

Julie - My Primitive Heart said...

Dearest Cheyenne,
I am a bit late reading your post but am so glad I stopped by!!
I always knew you were a beautiful woman on the inside, but am so happy to be able to connect that with the equally beautiful woman you are on the outside! Now I have the complete picture! Your girls are darling too take after their sweet momma!
Thank you for always being transparent and for sharing things that touch lives....and indeed, you have touched mine! I love what you have shared about yourself and the encouragement to do the same....I will really think on it!
Have a most lovely day my sweet friend~~

A Prairie Girl in California said...

Loved this post. Beautiful you- beautiful girls...

So the whole anyways thing does not bother me,yet. but here people say. we went 'acrosst' the road. or 'we ran 'acrosst' a deer in the forest.' It's not bad grammer, (I don't think) it's how they say it, every time! and it drives me NUTS!!! James didn't even realize it till I asked him about it :)

Rach said...

I loved this post! Most of them I knew about you:) I can totally relate to #5- I wish I was on a baseball team also- but I have my 3 boys so maybe someday??!! Also, #8 when people add s's onto Safeway, Costco, etc. And "down here" like Jenn said- acrosst, and when they use 'we was at Sonic lastnight" ya all those little words/phrases... Grrr. Now I'm in the constant challenge of teaching my boys correct grammar. Yikes. Luv u, Chey.

LeAnna said...

This is fun! I agree, sometimes it is hard to open up. Number 10 made me giggle. We like our guns down here, too. ;) Your girl are beautiful!

Nicole said...

anyways drives me nuts too! I've never heard icies roads though. I must have a SW MO accent as do the people around here, but another one you hear is Wal-marts... oy!

NaomiG said...

So, aaanyyyywayyyssss... HAHA, KIDDING. I hate it when people end sentences with prepositions--"Where you at?" drives me insane.

I'll have to do 15 points here soon. :-)

Nice to meetcha.

Anna said...

So happy to see a photo of you my friend!!! Love this, now that I'm attempting to blog again I will do the 15 points on my blog.
#4 had me rolling with laughter!! And I completely agree with #2 :)

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