Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Relax & Breathe

I sat down on the deck after a day full of wildness with the feel of newspaper between my fingers, while the sun took it's hiding place. My mom had picked me up a free publication in the city. It was aimed at new mom's, the wild and silly creatures that we are. It was stock full advice like, hey, don't give your kid red dye  and advertisements begging for your bucks in their pocket.

Girls, remind me that I may possibly live under a rock, but did you know there are companies you can buy loot bags from that have no junk in them? They are full of eco friendly, sweet swag to pass along to the nine hundred hoodlums up in your house for a birthday bash. Now, don't get me wrong, it stinks like sour milk piling junk up, but I'm from the old school era of party planners. Yeah, super old school, Little House on the Prairie like because neighbors are too far to invite (or because my give a hoot level is set to low.) If there is a junk bag, I mean loot bag in the house, it's probably my kid's birthday present.
Who needs the three hundred dollar walker? A good old fashioned vacuum cleaner will do just fine. Folks, can she hang for eight seconds? Form is excellent, but this one bucks.

Did you also know that you could place your child, basically when they exit the womb, for a mere seventy zillion smackeroos, into just about anything you like? Kinder-music, swimming lessons, Francais for babies, pig latin for preschoolers and a lil yoga for everyone to calm the sweet marie down from their over scheduled lives.

Reading this paper exhausted me. Seriously. I think I was so danged afraid for an odd two seconds that I was doing a disservice to my child for not being enrolled in, well, anything. Once that two seconds had passed, I dropped the paper on the ground and closed my eyes because I was feeling like I was trapped on a treadmill thinking about all this.

If recollection serves me right, in our area there is minimal you can pack the babes up and go to. There are a few churches that have mornings where mom's can get together, guzzle some coffee, peel their eyes open and commiserate with one another. I'm a little, ahem, old fashioned and just like to have the mom from down the road pop in and hide with her in the closet and eat our cupcakes because we don't want the children to see and make us share. Some people knock being rural, because there just aren't the "options," I see it as some mercy on my blessed heart. I would possibly go cr-azy thinking of where to best spend my time and moolah, all the while chanting in my mind, "this is for her best! This IS for her best!"
Don't listen to me, I can't even get pants on my kid. I tell you though, we are all pretty  smitten with one another and have some of the most fun days around. Pants? So overrated.

In my younger years, we played a bit of t-ball when we hit the age we could. Other than that, it was head outside and construct a fort, play with your sister, dig in the rocks, help mom with work in the house. Life was fun, life was care free, and heck yes, we were thrilled when cousins came over to play, because it was a treat. We were kids that were left to be kids. 

I know some are wired differently than others, some might not have that anxiety I have if my floor isn't vacuumed into perfect lines-this takes time people. Some might not have that lazy bone I like to hang onto, allowing me to sit down with a book in the afternoon. Other mom's like to ward off the insanity by getting out once in awhile, but ladies, just don't you forget, your kids are doing just fine learning to play with their big old imagination station locked up in the noggin. At the end of the day, they want YOU. Shocking, isn't it? They don't want sixty two play centers to rotate through. They are alright if they can't say bonjour, hola, and what's up. They want to hear I love you. They want MOM to read them a story, to shush them, to set out the chairs to make a fort in while you scrub the floor. 

Take a breather peeps, this life goes by way too fast to always be hopping in the vehicle and roaring about. If you do happen to be trapped in the van, stop on by, kettle is on and we can fill reusable bags with rocks, sticks, and other earthy stuff to fool folks into buying for their birthday party.


Alicia said...

I'm going to find you & come by knocking one day. This is all good advice from a dear friend.

Jaclyn Hicks said...

I couldn't agree with you more! By the way, your kiddo is adorable!

Debbie said...

They really sell that stuff? When we were growing up, we made our own bags! :D You have the right idea and I congratulate you for being able to see the simple truth through all the hype. Your little one is precious. With your wise help, she'll stay the 8 seconds.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. We need to let kids be kids. We make them grow up way to fast.


A Prairie Girl in California said...
I have clearly decided if I can be half the mum you are, chiller and great all in one, than I indeed think I will succeed. thank you very much :)

Elizabeth Martin said...

Loved this post so much! We do not have kids yet...but I work with several exhausted mothers who run themselves ragged each week to softball games etc. I always ask for what? Mom's didn't use to do all that - we spent our summers at home playing outside and it was a treat to go to grandma's and play with the cousins - like you said. I think you are donig a heck of a good job!!!

linjoprice said...

Great post, you SO much!!

quintuplicatemom said...

superb post.yay and amen, sista!

Deb said...

Amen sister. Well said.

Steph said...


Crystal said...

I hear you loud and clear!!! There is so much craziness going on there to entertain children that they cant even think of a single thing to do on their own! how is that helpful in real life, but I guess maybe it explains why no one has any common sense anymore.

By the way love the buckin vacuum cleaner :))

Airplane said...

You are hysterical!!

I had a similar childhood. Cousins, siblings, haystacks, ditches, and tractors. That was all we needed for a good time.

Rachel said...

Couldn't agree more. It's nice staying home or out riding gathering cattle. Our children don't get toys or such bought for them, nor do we run them to anything and everything for children to make sure they are the best at whatever.
Being involved in church is the most important of any of that. One day we may look into 4-H, just so they can do some of what they love and get some more socializing.
But, being taught everything by us, and learning to play with an old shovel in the homemade sand box, or whatever else they come about and use their imagination on. Even the old hand me down rocking horse that see hours of wild bronc rides, and steer roping by three little boys, it's just the best!
I love that we get to involve them in all the ranch work, and they love it SO much. They'd do it everyday, so long as they can get a nap in at some point so they don't wear plumb out. ;)
Lots of Mama and Daddy time, which is the best!

Love the pictures of your Little! She's getting big, and as cute as can be, friend!

The Goerzen Girls...and Art said...

True that, sista! I've always said, "Why take my Girls to anything else to take up our precious time and money.... we live in the country!"

Our kids play outside, or in the dungeon basement if the weather isn't co-operating. That's what being a kid is all about!

And by the way, pants are WAY overated! :-)

Laine said...

Love this!!! xo

Gumbo Lily said...

You are right-on-target (in my opinion) about raising kids. We raised 5 in the country and they learned to play outside doing all kinds of things--building a tree fort, hunting frogs, catching butterflies, riding horses, fixing engines and cars. They learned how to work along side their dad and me. Even indoors, they only had simple toys (Legos and Tinkertoys). They learned to form bread loaves of their own, embroidered, and they read good books.

There were some piano lessons when they were older, but we didn't do much running around.

Cute lil vacuum cleaner rider!


NaomiG said...

Amen, Amen, Amen!! SO VERY AMEN. Drives me crazy. I may have to live in cities because of my sweetheart's job, but your way of life appeals to me so very much.

As I told my husband the other day when I was grumbling about something along these lines... "the problem with the world is that there is way too many people in it, and I can't get away from them all and their silly ideas!"

Anna said...

AMEN! Preach it sister!

I find myself occasionally being overwhelmed thinking I haven't bought my child enough toys...and then he reminds me that an empty water bottle, the door stop and his mama and daddy are all he needs :)

Anonymous said...

Love this Chey! =) Especially the part about eating cupcakes in the closet ;)

Kay (A Ranch Mom) said...

OK, now I just want to come eat cupcakes with you... or would it be ok if I brought cheesecake? ;)

I loved my childhood where the most competitive thing we engaged in was who could skip a rock the furthest on the pond. It makes me exceedingly weary to listen to stressed out moms of stressed out kids.

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