Thursday, November 14, 2013

Everyday Conversations

This chat went down between my Grandma and I after I checked a message on my cheapest of cheap junk phone. The great grandmother of my children and my dearest friend:

Grandma: Missy, did you get the new updates on your phone? Carson put them on my phone this weekend and whoo! Are they ever uptown!

Me: Grandma, this isn't an iPhone - in fact I can hardly text on this thing. I don't even know what you're talking about. 

Grandma and technology - one point. Cheyenne and technology - zero.


Between two little dresses in the back seat of the truck.

Taylin: Myla, what do you think is the worst? I think that definitely pig manure and chicken manure have to be THE worstest when they are spreading. I almost throw up when they spread chicken manure! Cow poop isn't so bad. What do you think?

Myla: Cow poop! Cow poop! 


On the way up the stairs, amongst the old wallpapered walls, which I'm sure hold their own stories:

Taylin: Hip! Hip! Mom, you be the old cow and I'll load you up the chute. Hip! Hip! Wait, lemme' go get a stick.

I may have shed a tear. 


These are my people and the everyday conversations help make up my days. With every tick of the clock, I am grateful for my family, even when I'm being referred to as an old cow. 

This kid, commonly referred to as Tuffy has blue eyes 90% of the time, the odd moment, those lil' peepers seem to look  a mite bit green to this mama. I don't think it's just when she is gawking at her sister's toys.

Scout in her winter glory. 
Our little man of the house. Wee Pepper, snuggled up, with that perfect soft baby fuzz to lie your cheek on and weep tears of wonder. 


Jaclyn Trafton said...

Oh my much sweetness here. And I highly doubt you are anything resembling a fair hoofed friend.

Steph said...

Snow! It was 20 degrees here this morning. Very early cold snap, lol. Will be 70 this weekend!

Pom Pom said...

Your granny IS hip!
Oh, your darling babes . . . precious. YOU are precious, too.

Julia C. said...

Oh my gosh...your girls are just precious and your Grandma is a gal after my own heart! She IS hip!

Hope you are doing well!


Grandma K said...

yes, tears of wonder…..

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Oh my!!! I just want to kiss that cheek!!! I'll just have to kiss the sweet baby sleeping on my lap instead.

We have had quite hilarious conversations around here lately. Just you wait until those girls get older and want to discuss "womanly" things. I really need to write this stuff down... and read it back to them when they are mothers themselves!

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

looks cold upthere. Tthe children's pictures are so very precious

Gumbo Lily said...

Gramma's got it going on! She's way ahead of me. The conversations are so "ranch kid" and I love it!

Karen said...

Girl, you have a way. I hope you are penning a book. I'll be first in line to buy it.

My eyes are greener when I wear green, do you notice this to be the case with your little one?

Chicken manure is by far the worst. We polluted our country neighborhood for months after the spreading of that cr*p over our hay fields. YUCK.

Crystal said...

Haha Gramma is Hip thats so awesome!!! And what adorable children and the things they say, sure is somethin to remember.

quintuplicatemom said...

The old cow comment caught me off guard. I am still chuckling! :)

Anonymous said...

Tell Tay we are sorry for the stinky chicken manure lol. You make everyday conversations into forever memories...a gifted lady you are indeed...your kids are wonderful & so precious. That pic of your little man almost bring tears to my ears...lil miracles they are indeed. Hugs...Barb aka Mrs.Chicken Poop :)

Jaimi_C said...

Is it awful if I say I truly laughed out loud at the cow comment? I can't count how many times my girls chase after each other saying, "I'm gonna get you, you little heifer!" Oh the things that ranch kids will talk about like it's nothing at all.
You have beautiful little babes!

TexWisGirl said...

such sweeties. :)

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