Wednesday, September 10, 2014

And It Snowed

Four months and six days after the last time - it snowed.
But, who's counting? Right?
While the girls have spent a lot of time outside mucking around, Hoss sits inside and does this:
This boy can eat. Period. 

"Who you makin' fun of?"

Big Boy has life figured out and can pretty much run this show from his high chair. We all just work for him, anyway.
Notice the grey hue in all these photos? It's a color we know too well.

After three days of snow, wet, and muck my girls have been singing Christmas carols at the top of their lungs and I quietly weep into my coffee.
Truly though, Alberta is a fine place to live and our summer is quite lovely. It generally falls mid week - between a Monday and a Thursday.We love those three gentle days. 
She ain't for the faint of heart. 


Down On The Farm said...

I can't even imagine snow this early. The earliest I can ever remember it snowing here in Missouri was October 31st, and we had flurries, once, in my life, and I'm old hahaha!!! Typically we don't even get much snow in November. You Canadians are TOUGH!!! Have a beautiful day!

Shirley said...

Nice to see you are back with that great sense of humour! Your children are lovely, they would brighten up any grey day.

fernvalley01 said...

no kidding! we are back to green after a horrifying wake up of snow on Monday. Hoping it was just a false start

LindaG said...

Down here in Louisiana, I envy you your cool and snow. :-)
*hugs* ♥

Rach said...

Your kids are ADORABLE. Haven't seen you all in way too long.. I hope Alberta has an Indian Summer now to beat the records!!! ;)

Lindsay said...

I am sweating it out in my shorts and Tshirt down here. This is hard to fathom. Just keep feeding that little guy- he might need the extra winter weight up there, eh?

Gumbo Lily said...

We had a little sprinklin' of snow here this past week, but thankfully, it's all gone and soaked into the earth. Looks like we'll get a few more warm days and I'm so glad. I'm not ready for fall/winter yet. I'm just thawed out!

My grandkids next door have started sporting their warm coats and hats and mits and I feel sorry for their parents who will have to dress and undress them several times a day as the weather gets cold. You too!

Hoss is sure a cutie pie!


Alicia said...

Ha! That first photo of him made me smile big. "Notice the grey hue in all these photos, it's a color we know too well." So true! & I love that you spelled grey my favorite way (with an e), it's a highly requested color for knitting. A highlight 'to do' on these days where I watch from inside, practicing hibernation.

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Aren't they the cutest kids ever on the planet ?~! Jolly well done, Cheyenne. What a huge son you have - the better to develop your muscles as you carry him hither and yon.

Snow-I am truly sorry it has come so soon. Like others I wish you a glorious Indian Summer with a few rainbows before snowmen armies conquer the grey landscape. Nearly invisible against that sky, they'd be on you before you could see them coming.

Hugs, my faraway friend of the blogosphere.

Crystal said...

Such adorable kids, they could make anyday joyful!
So glad we got just a skiff of snow and so far I dont think we have really gotten a frost, but itsa coming

Karen Ann said...

oooh noooooo Cheyenne... but you put it so well, the sentiment that goes with those three lovely days :-)

Why have I not checked your blog lately??.. your girls and Hoss are just those awesome coats!

Crystal Cattle said...

We've got snow in Iowa, and I am pretty sure it isn't leaving anytime soon. I thought I moved south to delay the snow, but not this year!

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