Saturday, September 22, 2012

Corn-palooza-Corn for a Crowd

You're a little nervous that I'm writing about corn again, aren't you? Truth be told, I'm feeling a bit like the kid with no deodorant on the first day of grade seven, a ball of nervous and embarrassed all rolled into one.

I'm starting to think of changing this blog to Lotsa' Corn on the Prairie or possibly The Corn Chronicles. It's unfortunate that I could probably have a whole label on the side of my blog dedicated to corn.

There is no where better on the face of the earth to eat than at my Aunt's house. Corn and all.

Girls, bear with me. I'll leave y'all one more little tip on corn and then I promise to shut my yapper on the whole subject; for as long as it takes me to pick some out of my teeth anyway.

If you have a crowd to feed corn to, take your cooler and carefully scrub the beast out. At our last family event, my cousin was quick to point out how they don't scrub their cooler first. So bush league, I tell you.

Now shuck that corn, remove all those lil' silky bits and praise the Lord that you aren't preparing to freeze the stuff. Give that corn a wash and dump as many cobs as you like/can fit into the cooler. Pour boiling water over the whole bit and allow to sit in this boilin water at least thirty minutes before you plan on serving it. Shut that lid on tight, but rest assured you can leave it in there for up to two and half hours and the stuff is still absolutely juicy, sweet corn goodness. If you have a large family gathering coming up-this is the easiest and cleanest way to serve corn.

If you think I really have lost it, never fear. Rest assured I'm about to go put on my big girl britches and make small talk with some folks at a wedding supper. I am making myself a small cheat list on things I probably should talk about and things I shouldn't.

Top three not to talk about:
1. Corn.
2. How smooth harvest is going, who doesn't have their husband there.
3. Who has the fluffiest hair in the building.

Top three things I know will be talked about:

1.Who has the fluffiest hair in the building.
2. How smooth harvest is going, who doesn't have their husband there.
3. Well, corn of course.

Now, before this road leads me to the hall, let me announce with the happiest heart that chucked out number three to me for the winner of the Muck Boot give away. Steph at The Life of a Farmer's Wife. Lady, I expect photos of you in those boots! Thank you to The Original Muck Boot Company for providing the sweetest of sweet prizes.

I shall now rastle the troops. I know full well that I can dress 'em up, I can take 'em out; mercy, you can bet on your momma's coffee cake, that it will be a spectacle.

There is so much to live for. 
Jenn, this photo is for you-a pic of the sign on barn board and two of the cutest lil' boys around.  This photo was ripped directly off of someone else's instagram account for your viewing pleasure. It's my blog, I can insert random photos to show far away friends things, right?


Crystal said...

I like that way of serving corn, that way you don't have to have it ready at the exact moment, it can wait cause heaven knows when you are ready to serve the food no one is ready to eat but if they are ready to eat the food isn't!

I'm sad I don't get a new pair of muck boots, but I guess congrats to Steph anyways ;)

Shirley said...

Congratulations to Steph!
I've never heard of doing corn that way- sure beats cramming it in a canner kettle on the stovetop!
Have a great time at the wedding- and yes those are two of the cutest li'l dudes.

Bonnie said...

What Darlin' children. I love the sign. And I had heard about the corn in the cooler and promptly forgotten. Thanks for the refresher. It's a great idea.

LeAnna said...

Now that is a nifty way to do corn! Great idea! Love that last pic, how cute...

Jaclyn Hicks said...

That last picture is too sweet! And what a great idea for serving corn!

Nell said...

Oh my word, that corn cookin' for a crowd is PURE GENIUS! I'm going to do this some day. Brilliant!

Anna said...

That is such a great idea!!! I love corn. Get down with your bad self ;)

Steph said...

Yay!! Thanks!!!

Debbie said...

Hey! She's a bloggin friend of mine and a sweeter girl couldn't have won. Considering what she does on a daily basis, I know she'll use those boots! Woo-hoo!

Gumbo Lily said...

I am SO glad you posted about how to serve corn to a crowd! Really, I am! I went to a fall wedding one year and they served corn on the cob, but they had it out in the open, flies buzzing all around it. YUCK! This is brilliant, and I'm tucking it into my Pinterest file for the day I need it. Thank you. that wedding photo. I'm pinning that one too. How adorable! (hope you don't mind)


Rachel said...

I love that idea for serving corn!

Congrats to Steph!

Karen said...

What a "cooler" Idea!!!... thanks for sharing. And I just LOVE that photo, how adorable.

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

We tried that with corn Labor Day weekend to take along to a family picnic and the corn stayed warm for 7 hours! Best part was, we just pulled the drain plug in the bottom and let the water out when we came home.

I hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding! That sign- and the boys - are super cute!!!

Pamela said...

My husband will love this idea. He has a "thing" for corn and would eat it every day--even make some in the microwave for a bednight snack.

Love the totally random picture.

A Prairie Girl in California said...

LOVE that sign!!! Thank ya! Randy Williams? Man I am so out of home town gossip loop!!!
Why o why did I think of this two weeks ago when a friend and I cooked up corn for 30me people right a-top my yeller stove! This would have been way easier:) next time!!! Jenn

Farmchick said...

Just out blog hopping and I found my way here. :). I have heard of this way to cook corn but I have not actually tried it. I am going to next year though! I hope you can stop by for a visit and say hi too.

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