Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Led by the Littles

The day started at five bells. I wandered around wondering the same sentiments my oldest daughter generally utters, "why are we up? It's still dark outside. "

Routine began and we stepped in time with the rhythm of the clock.


Nine hundred layers for outside chores.

Wind whips the face and it's time for a 9AM coffee break. 

Somewhere after this, chaos ensued and our tempo changed. I was again reminded that in this motherhood gig, you need to be wildly flexible. I've got the wild part down pat. 

White flakes sprinkle down over the brown earth, like icing sugar being shaken down from the heavens. I have the wisest of wise ideas that doughnuts for supper sounds like a grand plan. Jody does a supper like this during calving, and she has five healthy kids! 

I've mentioned that the Biggest and I like to bake together. Somehow, today, she found the Littlest climbing up on her step stool just to be the tip of the iceberg. My hand slipped while trying to adjust a beater in my little mixer, the whole thing got away on me and hit her in the head. 

I. felt. horrible. 

Somehow this fun doughnut supper was turning into tears, burnt hands, and mess. Everywhere. 

When her daddy arrived home, and we were all sitting around the table eating golden puffs ladled with cinnamon and sugar, harmony reigned. All was right in the world. 

"Oh, thank you Momma, thank you soooo much for making these yummy doughnuts! Daddy! We get DOUGHNUTS FOR SUPPER! Momma, you're the best!"

Oh, praise from the mouth of a three year old. She didn't notice the flour on the floor, oil splattered on the counter top, one thousand Duplo blocks spread across the carpet. 

Really, neither should I. 

All the silly painting, sewing, scrubbing in this home just doesn't matter. We are warm, we are comfortable, and there is food in our bellies. It's the stories swapped over coffee, it's the thump of little feet, and the relationships being built that matter. 

Sometimes we need to just let a three year old lead us. 


Crystal said...

Oh I love this, so true we should just live and let live like a 3 year old sometimes, but it is oh so hard!

Love the pony pic too :))

Gumbo Lily said...

This warms my heart.
I hope that when all is said and done, you will look back fondly on it. The 3-year old is right to sing your praises!

Jaclyn Hicks said...

I couldn't agree with you more....somedays you just throw in the towel and forget the rulebook!

Your kiddos are adorable!

LeAnna said...

Truer words never spoken!
I need some donuts for supper.
And that last picture is adorableness!Two cute girls and a potbelly pony, doesn't get much better than that. :)

Alicia said...

This grabbed my heart. Ah the littles! They have so many wonders, so many "thank you mamas" that I just love seeing wriitten down. And you being all wrapped up cozy in it. A special new dinner for this first snowfall of the year.

fernvalley01 said...

I know I am kind of old but will you adopt me?? Sounds like a wonderful supper

Karen said...

What an inspirational post! so very very true... and your children will always remember with great fondness that their mom was flexible enough to let them have homemade donuts for dinner.

Ps. I LOVE THAT PONY!!! does he/she live on your farm? More about your horses please!

Rachel said...

I love this!!

They are soooo precious! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture Cheyenne. How I remember those days when I let go of the reins and we all had the best time!! Wish I could have been that more often.

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Oh, I love this post! I am looking at quite a mess in my house right now with pumpkins cooking and apples waiting to be "sauced" and laundry piled high waiting to be folded. Oh, but whatever I can get accomplished will be good enough! With warm applesauce and pumpkin pie in their bellies, no one will care if they have to wear a wrinkly shirt tomorrow.

Bonnie said...

Wise words. It's the good times they will remember not the "rules". My girls are all grown up now and I wish I could get them "little" again, just once in awhile. Your girls are darling.

Jennifer said...


Faye Henry said...

Sweet sweet memories, my friend.. It takes me back..

LindaG said...

*hugs* ♥
Out of the mouths of babes. :o)
Have a blessed Friday!

Libbie said...

What a cozy picture you painted! Okay after the wind whiping part :)

I do love a three year old...every home needs one!

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