Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Old Fashioned Baby Bows

"I'd like to wear a rainbow everyday, and tell the world that everything is okay." -Johnny Cash
In my old school ways, I can't help myself but make these things in sort of ahem, quieter colors. These were packaged up and sent to a friend who just had the most gorgeous baby girl. I decided all these muted colors wouldn't do and did up one more, bright, eye popping yellow! You'd think I'd learn, making a zillion in these shades, and if I'm at some sort of show, the mom's want the craziest, blingiest, brightest pink you can find. 

Making tiny flowers out of lace, bits of fabric and other shreds of daintiness is a rare treat. Although my girl's never wore such finery in their own hair, I think the fluffiness of a bow on top of a little girl's bean is something special. They are only so pint sized for so long, before their bossiness sets in and these types of things won't be permissible. 

Sometimes I wonder if I had adorned my bundles of pink in some of these sort of Sunday best headbands, that it might have infused some more lady like behaviour in them. 

Opening the dryer, to pull out the clean, soft jammies that had been hiding in their home since yesterday, there on top of the clothes was a graham cracker crumbs box. It was unopened, mind you, but there it sat. Naturally, I started questioning my lunatic state of mind when I remember toddler #2 marching around the house yesterday with various odds and sods out of my cupboards.  Not two minutes later, toddler numero uno helped (and I use this term loosely) fold laundry in the living room when things seemed sort of eerily hushed in the kitchen. I know every mom out there is gasping and saying, "oh no, she didn't let thing's get too quiet!"  I peek in to see my Tuffie on top of the kitchen table, squatting precariously, digging around in her big sister's craft stuff. My presence didn't seem to alarm her at all, her blue eyes took me in and she started to clap and squeal. Sort of a "hey, look at me, I'm half gymnast, half AWESOME!" When dry rice skated across the clean kitchen floor, seeming to pool in every corner, while trying to fill the warm bags we were making, I should not have been shocked. 

This all happened before 10am. Coffee anyone?

Truth be told, if there was a hair bow that magically transferred good behaviour and set those lil' kids to sitting like small angels, I'm not so sure I'd want it. I kind of like their antics. Give me a kid with personality. 

What else would I write about?

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Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Oh, we have had a long two days stuck at home, but since we kept our electricity and fared the storm just fine, I cannot rightfully complain. (The kids DID drive me a little nuts, though.) I had (unpopped) popcorn kernels dumped ALL OVER my kitchen and dining room the other day. I am still finding them. Were you lucky enough to recover all of the rice?

I love the beautiful, classic hair bows! I love to make them, but my girls never keep them in anyway. Yours are absolutely beautiful!!!

LeAnna said...

Those headbands are adorable! And in my experience, girls are far more feisty than their brotherly counterparts. Feisty. Firey. Spunky. Personality, yes. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha! Crazy kids!

quintuplicatemom said...

These are too cute!
And your girls' antics are priceless... I love that you're getting this all written down.

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

naughty is more fun than boring! It's striking the balance that matters who wants to be the mother of a yes person on the other hand who wants to be the mother of the local brat!

gorgeous bows :)

Down On The Farm said...

Your bows are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Nell said...

As a mother who NEVER leaves the house without her girls in ribbons and bows and flowers, I can tell you that it doesn't make a hill of beans difference in their behavior. Mine are as rough and tumble as they come. But I think it helps to distract people to focus on their cuteness and not on their wild behavior. ;)

LOVE the headbands, by the way. So precious!

Vicky said...

Exactly- I think the same of my boys. An adventure awaits around every corner- every day. And I wouldn't want it any other way- I just had to grow into learning this. Love the pretty and muted colors- understated and elegant all at once :)

Jennifer said...

Adorable headbands!!
My girl is constantly on the table, usually dumping salt and pepper every where.
I also find strange items in the dryer, its always a good idea to to check before turning it on. ;)

Rachel said...

I love the headbands!!
Well, I'd like to raise a little girl someday, Lord willing. I think they are just as tough and rowdy as boys no matter how frilly dressed they are!!
I remember all those years of being the only girl surrounded by 4 brothers... I was not frilly, even if I was frilly dressed! So fun!! :)

Your littles are precious, the things they do, fun stuff, Mama!!

Karen said...

LOVE those bows!!!!... oh, so cute on a little prairie baby. And heck yes, we need them with SPUNK, how else do you get through this life intact?


Gumbo Lily said...

I think the soft, muted bows are really lovely. And I'm with you -- give me spunk and a curious mind any day over compliance. But give me quiet compliance once in awhile.

Jessy @ WestEastern said...

I love, love love these stories! Yes, indulge in that extra cup of coffee in the morning... it seems like you're going to need a little extra pep to keep up with those kiddos :)

I adored wearing bows and barrettes in my hair when I was young - I called them "pretties."

Have a great weekend!

Jessy @ WestEastern said...

I love, love love these stories! Yes, indulge in that extra cup of coffee in the morning... it seems like you're going to need a little extra pep to keep up with those kiddos :)

I adored wearing bows and barrettes in my hair when I was young - I called them "pretties."

Have a great weekend!

fernvalley01 said...

love the bows , but nope don't change a thing about your darling girls they sound just wonderful

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