Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm posting photos that have nothing to do with this post because today is the kind of day I'm letting myself surrender to a 'whatever' sort of attitude.

Frightened?! Watch me!

If you were to walk into this humble abode, you would possibly find a momma in such a relaxed  state of mind that you would want to just fall asleep in my presence. I have turned over a new leaf, ladies. I am conciously making the decision not to be too stressed over things. That wound up ball of, must get the floor vacuumed nine trillion times a day, has been chucked out the door.

I had company over last Wednesday and considered scrapping my list of to do things for the morning to prepare for these chiquitas coming over. That left me feeling a bit like a sandwhich without bread. I still made my list and when my husband saw it the night before, he laughed at my 'start cider-9:45 (ish.)'

I thought I should get a pat on the back for placing the 'ish' on the end.

The unfortunate part was the cider was prepped by 8:25 AM and I watched the clock and didn't turn the stove on until 9:46, just to be a person of calm.

I'd like to be the kind of mom who could possibly feed on demand, let their kids run willy nilly once in awhile, and for seuth not be irked when the house is run amuck. The sad side of things is for a personality like mine, you would expect things to be perfect in this home, but alas the kids are rangy tangy, things are a bit loony, and sometimes when I fold laundry there are more pairs of jammies than clothes. I'm just trying not be so worked up over it and am realizing you have to be flexible in this motherhood gig or you might be on the road to losing your marbles.

I can happily say the transition to two has been one of the smoothest and happiest times in my life. I would have enough kids to create my own sports team, if my husband and I weren't ancient of days and pregnancy wasn't just so plain nasty.

The key in it all is to be a cool cat and to just relax your bones. Somehow I am missing that key, because it wasn't labelled, organized and put away in the right spot. If you find it, let me know, otherwise you'll probably still hear my two year old following behind me scrubbing floors saying, "eew, sick," just like her momma.


Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

I'm just catching up on your posts and noticed you have a new little one - congrats. It is so hard to find the right balance as a Mom, and especially when you are a new MOM. I tended to be too much on the relaxed side, but that made for a messy house which was annoying as well. Just go snuggle that new baby.

fernvalley01 said...

Enjoy your time with the little ones girl! and its OK to be who you are , as long as you want to be. Hope the learning to realx goes well for you

LindaG said...

My hubby is quite good at being relaxed. I still have a lot to learn, too.
Happy week to you!

Grandma K said...

I so understand although I was never organized enough to have it all done! I just wanted to be like Barb or Brenda who seemed to always have altogether.

This will seem really dumb but I have a couple of ah-ha moments when the kids were little. One was 'if you don't move stuff on shelves and have company in the evening no one will notice the dust'. Now I realize no one noticed the dust anyway, they just wanted a visit!

The other moment was when I opened the fridge which was waaaay too full and a bowl of gravy fell on my bare feet! Instead of throwing a fit I laughed and cleaned it up. Somehow at that point I realized I was taking myself, my house to seriously and I needed to lighten up.

I still battle the insecurities but the older I get the more I see 'it doesn't matter'.

Enjoy your babies, your husband, your friends. We all love you!

Shirley said...

Life goes by way to quickly to waste time worrying about perfection- just live each moment to its fullest. ish.

Cowboy mom said...

life has it's funny little ways of teaching us thing's dosen't it? I loved the little story on the comment above about spilling the gravy. Funny how it's those experiences that make life so much more happy and meaningful.

I love the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I sooooo relate to what you are saying! I think you and I have very similar personalities and trying to relax is something I sometimes struggle with too!!! Thanks for this post and reminder of what is important.

Anna said...

Love it, it's good to be relaxed! Hope you're doing great!

Crystal said...

I am the total opposite, I alwys think if people are coming over to see me and dont think the house is perfect oh well . I never even notice other people houses. Especially ehen they just stop in without calling, which is always nice. JUst enjoy your kids and there will always be stuff to clean up.

Colleen said...

Dear Cheyenne, I think you are just lovely.:) I enjoy this post and the idea behind it, in fact you write so well, I feel more relaxed from just having read it. This is life, isn't it? It can be messy, it can be hectic but it is full of joy and hope and the laughter of children! I wish you calm, peaceful and happy days!

Jennifer said...

I hear ya! I stress out wayyy to much about little things like crumbs... or toys strewn all over the house that aren't being played with. I'm trying to relax, and not let myself get so crazy. Because really, it takes too much energy getting stressed out, and I need all the energy I can get to chase the two year old, and keep the 3 month old fed, and content!

Angie Berry said...

"ish"... I'm quite familiar with it too, haha! Don't worry about that other stuff.. just raise your babies because you will blink your eyes and they will have grown (as I'm sure you are already finding that out). But still try to maintain some level of organization. This coming from a mom of teens that knows. Because one day you will wake up and your home will be utter chaos and you won't be able to find a thing... wish someone would have told me that years ago. But I've finally got a handle on it again, it just took awhile. =]

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

I think I have that missing bone here. I must have two. I am really so laid back and I was talking to mom this morning about how nothing happens/gets done when I want it to because I realize that my time is not my own - I think 5 kids will do that to you. I really just go with the flow these days. I admit to making lists like those in the past, but I give up. And it is OK!

Anonymous said...

With my first, if the pacifier fell on the floor I would resterilize it. With the second, I'd wash it off with soap and water. With the third I'd just wipe it off (on my pants) and plug it back in.

My mom embroidered a little saying for me complete with a mom rocking a baby, my oldest daughter who has 6 children has it now.

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
For babies grow up, we've learned, to our sorrow
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep
I'm rockin' my baby, and babies don't keep.

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