Sunday, July 23, 2017

Green Grass & Full Hearts

Every time I climb the old wooden hill, I pause and take a peek out of the upstairs window - the country's green right now. 

My kids see the ocean waves in the deep, bending hay when the prairie wind let's 'er blow. 

I hear their tiny mouths talk about the grass being belly deep on the eastern slopes of the Rockies and wonder will their kids know those same cow trails?

When they chase each other with foxtail, I remember doing the same with my sister.

Walking past the bromegrass, they naturally reach for the kernels and I can feel them in my hand now. 

The crunch of the dried out prairie wool, the long grasses mowed down to make a yard, is as common to the kids as it was to me growing up.

I see lawns in the big cities, sod laid uniformly, soft and sprinkler green, but I'll tell you - the grass seems mighty green on this side of the fence. 

I hope that the smell of native pasture fills up more than just their noses. 



Gumbo Lily said...

That was a sweet tribute to the prairie and your children. I feel it!

Pom Pom said...

I love the way you think, smart Cheyenne! God bless you, good mama.

Down On The Farm said...

So VERY good to see a post from you. I never could get your last post (Light something??) to open up?? I know what you mean. My kids have grown up on our farm and I hope that one day our grandkids are farming this same land. Yes, there are many times I get tired of the mud and the flies and the hassles of farming, and that city life looks mighty easy . . . but I totally agree that the grass IS greener on our side of the fence! Blessings from Missouri . . . hope to see more posts from you :). I enjoy reading them. Have a great day!

Kay Schrock said...

Beautifully written!

basebell6 said...

Great post! Miss you, friend!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Beautifully said

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